Adesso, Inc NUSCAN-3HB Adesso NuScan 3000 Barcode Scanner Holder

Adesso NuScan 3000 Barcode Scanner Holder

by Adesso, Inc


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: NUSCAN-3HB

Shipping Weight: 1.05 lbs


Holds barcode scanner off of working surface, to allow hands free scanning when in continuous read mode. Office, shipping, or Point of sale use (POS). Heavy duty, yet portable- will not move when placed down, yet can be moved from location to location.

Product Details

Product Type: Handheld Scanner Holder

Color: Black

Height: 9.0"

Width: 3.8"

Depth: 4.8"


Adesso NuScan 3000 Scanner

Product Model: NuScan 3000

Manufacturer Website Address:

Standard Warranty: 1 Year