American Power Conversion Corp ACRP101 APC ACRP101 InRow RP DX Airflow Cooling System

APC ACRP101 InRow RP DX Airflow Cooling System

by American Power Conversion Corp


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: ACRP101

Shipping Weight: 1076.2 lbs


Placing the unit in the row of racks moves the source of cooling closer to the heat load. This eliminates air mixing and provides a predictable cooling architecture. Reduces the risk of hot spots at the rack level. Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and health of the unit is provided.

Product Details

Product Type: Airflow Cooling System

Form Factor: Tower

Refrigerant: R407C

Cooling Capacity: 29 kW

Maximum Air Flow: 4800 CFM

Color: Black

Product Model: ACRP101

Power Consumption: 21000 W

Dimensions: 78.4" Height x 23.6" Width x 42.0" Depth

Input Voltage: 480 V AC

Manufacturer Website Address:

Standard Warranty: 1 Year

Height: 78.4"

Width: 23.6"

Depth: 42.0"

Package Contents

  • ACRP101 InRow RP DX Airflow Cooling System
  • Installation Guide
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual