Gefen, Inc FW-141 Gefen FW-141 Firewire Repeater 400

Gefen FW-141 Firewire Repeater 400

by Gefen, Inc

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Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: FW-141

Shipping Weight: 2.2 lbs


A three port IEEE-1394 PHY repeater featuring Texas Instruments 1394a 400Mbps PHY

The Firewire Repeater 400 works by repeating the Firewire signal and doubling the distance of any Firewire 400 cable. It enables Firewire devices to be placed far from the computer for those who prefer to work in a quiet, non-intrusive environment.

Product Details

Product Type: Firewire Extender

Product Model: FW-141

Dimensions: 0.8" Height

Manufacturer Website Address:

Height: 0.8"