Gefen, Inc GTV-PLC-FUS Gefen Surge Suppressor/Protector

Gefen Surge Suppressor/Protector

by Gefen, Inc

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Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: GTV-PLC-FUS

Shipping Weight: 2.2 lbs


Powerline (PL) Communication networks can be slowed down by electronic pollution "noise" from connected devices. Noise in your powerline network is eliminated by feeding all connected devices' power cables through a powerline filter which then plugs into the wall socket.

How it works

Lower-power devices such as cellular phone chargers, lamps, laptop computers, and external modems should share a single power strip connected to a PL Filter. If there is only one device in the room, it can plug directly into the PL Filter. Problematic noise-emitting appliances are isolated by connecting these appliances to the PL Filter directly and observing the efficiency of the PL network.

Product Details

Product Type: Surge Suppressor/Protector

Number of Receptacles: 1

Surge Energy Rating: 350 J

Height: 1.8"

Width: 3.9"

Depth: 2.5"

Current: 15 A Line Current

Receptacles: 1 x AC Power

Manufacturer Website Address:

Output Voltage: 90 V AC 120 V AC

Package Contents

  • Surge Suppressor/Protector
  • 1 x User's Manual

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Works great, December 14, 2012

By Ken

I have a power supply that kills my power line network. If they are both plugged in to the same circuit, the network dies. Since the problem was in the computer power supply, simply switching to another circuit wasn't really on option. We bought this, plugged the computer's power strip into it, and now the power line network is working better than ever! Replacing the power supply might have been a cheaper option, but without actually buying and installing it, I would have no guarantee that I wouldn't have the same problem. Besides, I happen to have two of this PSU, so I can still keep the second as a backup.