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Kaz Inc FP15CR Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper

Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper

by Kaz Inc


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: FP15CR

Shipping Weight: 2.65 lbs


This highly effective flat panel zapper uses ultraviolet light and NOsquito Octenol lure to attract and eliminate a wide range of annoying flying insects. The result is a more pleasant outdoor environment. The innovative design features 50% more zapping area than traditional bug zappers. The flat panel zapper features a rugged, weatherproof outer enclosure that prevents children, pets and wildlife from contacting zapping grid. For areas up to 1/2-acre the flat panel bug zapper will greatly reduce the annoyance of these backyard pests. This easy-to-use zapper is low maintenance so there are no messy bags or tanks to empty.