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MXL Microphones MXL-R150 MXL MXL R150 Microphone

MXL MXL R150 Microphone

by MXL Microphones

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Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: MXL-R150

Shipping Weight: 0.7 lbs


The MXL R150 Ribbon microphone uses an aluminum ribbon transducer which by nature is a bidirectional (figure-8) pickup pattern. A figure-8 pattern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90° off access. The front of the microphone is indicated by the MXL logo where the audio signal is "in-phase" while the back side has an inverted phase. Ribbon mics typically have a lower output than condenser microphones and may require a preamplifier with a lot of gain. It is highly recommended to use a preamp with low noise, high gain, and an input impedance of 1500 ohms or greater. We strongly advise experimentation with placement and isolation requirements with the gain initially set low to avoid possible equipment (and hearing) damage.

Package Contents

  • MXL R150 Microphone
  • MXL Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth