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StarTech.com SAT3540ER2 StarTech.com SAT3540ER2 Hard Drive Array

StarTech.com SAT3540ER2 Hard Drive Array

by StarTech.com


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: SAT3540ER2

Shipping Weight: 10.5 lbs


Add up to 8TB of RAIDed, hot-swappable 3.5in SATA hard drive storage capacity to your computer through eSATA.

The SAT3540ER2 External RAID Multi Bay Hard Drive Enclosure/Mobile Rack delivers a high performance storage solution that lets you install up to 4 SATA hard drives (including SATA, SATA II and SATA III-6Gbps) for connection to the host computer through eSATA.

The 4-drive mobile rack supports JBOD as well as standard RAID modes (RAID 0, 1, 10 (1+0)), in addition to RAID 5, Spanning/Concatenation, and Cloning (RAID 1 + Hot Spare). The cloning mode enables a drive to be removed for off-site storage, without interrupting the functionality of the enclosure or data accessibility.

With support for up to 4 high-capacity SATA hard drives, the enclosure features individual removable drive trays that make hot swapping or interchanging failed or extra hard drives easy.

A highly economical external storage solution, the enclosure supports any 3.5in SATA hard drive, allowing you to customize the storage appliance based on your preference of hard drive manufacturer. To ensure a safe and sturdy operating environment for hard drives installed within the multi-drive hard drive enclosure/mobile rack, the enclosure features a built-in 80mm ball bearing fan that enhances hard drive cooling, and offers a high quality aluminum body and attractive front panel design.

An out-of-the box external RAID solution, the storage appliance includes the companion PCI Express SATA controller card (with port multiplier support), as well as an eSATA cable and the necessary power adapter.

Product Details

Product Type: Hard Drive Array

Number of Total Expansion Bays: 4

Host Interface: eSATA

RAID Supported: Yes

Number of 3.5\ Bays: 4

Height: 5.9"

Width: 6.7"

Depth: 9.1"

Product Model: SAT3540ER2

Manufacturer Website Address: www.startech.com

Standard Warranty: 2 Year

RAID Levels: 0