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EDID Emulator for HD


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/bb brbr/b /bbrThis EDID emulator resolves video communication problems that can occur between your HDMI video source and display. The emulator can copy or synthesize the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) from your HDMI display and relay it to your video source, to fix problems that may result from using third-party equipment such as video extenders, video switches or KVMs in your video setup.brbr bAchieve Maximum Performance from your HDMI Display/bbr /bbrEDID contains important information that your television or projector needs, to deliver its best picture quality. Because most video extenders or switches block EDID communication between your video source and display, EDID is often lost in transmission, limiting your video source's ability to output your display's native resolution. Using the EDID emulator, you can ensure your HDMI source and display are perfectly in sync, for crystal-clear picture quality.brbr bVersatile Configuration Options, with EDID Copying or EDID Ghosting/bbr /bbrTo ensure that any EDID communication issue can be solved, the EDID emulator supports both EDID copying and EDID ghosting.Br EDID copying saves the EDID settings from your display and communicates those exact settings to your source, which is perfect for EDID issues that are caused by a third-party disruption, such as a video switch or extender.br EDID ghosting lets you emulate generic EDID settings, to deliver common data to your source or display. This is the perfect solution for EDID issues that often occur when you’re working with devices that don’t output EDID, such as older legacy equipment or some analog to digital video adapters.brbr