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Ubisoft UBW50SPF01300 SouthPark The Coon 3 Figurine

SouthPark The Coon 3 Figurine

by Ubisoft


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: UBW50SPF01300

Shipping Weight: 0.42 lbs


Ubicollectibles presents the fattest supehero from the South Park universe: the Coon, the superhero alter ego of Cartman. This figurine is part of the 3-inch lineup (along with Mysterion 3-inch and Professor Chaos 3-inch). Cartman takes on the gritty crime-fighting alter ego known as the Coon to bring vigilante justice to South Park. When a shadowy figure disguised as Mysterion steals Cartman's thunder, our hero fights back with desperate measures. He teams up with supervillains Professor Chaos and General Disarray.