Storm City Games 01010 TAC Heroes DS

TAC Heroes DS

by Storm City Games


Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number: 01010

Shipping Weight: 0.2 lbs


TAC Heroes "The Big Red One" for DS... Join the Big Red One, America's most legendary infantry division. Relive some of the most epic and memorable battles from World War II. Command troops to occupy enemy positions, capture enemy officers, destroy enemy vehicles and more. Customize your infantry with authentic weapons and tactics to defeat the enemies and win the war. The campaign comprises of 16 Missions from 1942 and 21 from 1944; 35 scenario missions; Choose between "recruit" or "veteran" for each campaign; Each solider consists of stats such as rank, strength speed, shot and more; Each solider can carry a primary weapon, secondary weapon and 4 different accessories such as extra ammo, grenades, bayonets, and combat knives.